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Reflections on Times Like These: "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"

I first learned this song from listening to the duet recorded by Ray Charles and Betty Carter. Because “Times Like These” reflects upon all the expected and unexpected goodbyes that have been said or that went unsaid, I always knew that “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” would have to be on the album. Just as in the song, “Skylark” the lark makes an appearance in “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye.” “When you’re near, there’s such an air of spring about it. I can hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it.”

As with every song on “Times Like These,” John Proulx’s arrangement, production, and artistry on the piano accompaniment for “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” takes a well-known standard, honors it, re-imagines it, and helps me inhabit it in a way that is uniquely my own.


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