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Reflections on Times Like These: "We'll Be Together Again"

When pianist and songwriter Carl T. Fischer and vocalist and lyricist Frankie Laine wrote “We’ll Be Together Again,” the year was 1945 and the World was at War for the second time. Although Frankie Lane couldn’t have known for sure that the war would end some months later that same year, somehow he was able to believe that despite all the painful partings of millions of soldiers going off to war leaving behind millions of loved ones, their partings were not goodbye.

I first became familiar with “We’ll be Together Again” many years ago from listening to the duet recorded by Ray Charles and Betty Carter. When John Proulx and I were narrowing down tunes for Times Like These, this song was one we both immediately agreed should be on the album.

Although composed nearly 80 years ago, “We’ll Be Together Again" speaks to this moment of darkness in which the world struggles to remember that the sun has shone. But parting is not goodbye and someday, someway, we’ll be together again.


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