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Reflections on Times Like These: "When Sunny Gets Blue

This is one of my favorite songs. Before I met my husband, it was a song I turned to when I was feeling blue. With lyrics by Marvin Fisher and music by Jack Segal, “When Sunny Gets Blue” speaks to the interlude after a sad affair “when no sweet lover man comes to call” and all of nature seems in sync with Sunny’s sadness. When you’re waiting for new love, it’s healing to believe that like Sunny “memories will fade and pretty dreams will rise up where [your] other dreams fell through.”

By the way, for those of you who are Nancy Wilson fans, the introduction to our rendition of “When Sunny Get Blue” pays homage to Nancy Wilson’s intro for her recording of “Save Your Love For Me.” It’s all thanks to the artistic brilliance of John Proulx, the arranger, producer, and pianist on “Times Like These.”


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